Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

After our Barefoot event on boys, we received much feedback and personal stories of how Maggie and Andrew touched and challenged people to help their boys grow and live and navigate through today's culture. (You can read a summary of their talk in our Summer 2010 issue of Barefoot Magazine) We thought you'd like to hear Carolyn's story.


As a mother of four sons (James – fifteen; and thirteen year old identical triplets with ADHD - Luke, Nathan and Matthew) I was very keen to attend Barefoot’s event featuring Maggie Hamilton speaking on the topic of her latest book What’s Happening To Our Boys?.
Maggie told us about many of the challenges our boys (as do girls) have to cope with in today’s society which differ greatly from growing up in the mid sixties and seventies. Things like cyber-bullying, worries about body image, wearing the ‘right’ labels, early sexualisation encouraged by clever advertising and marketing, access to porn and violence via today’s technology, stunted creativity caused by staring at screens, and the list goes on.

This information scared me. Terrified me, in fact, hitting me with a giant wave of doubt as to whether I’m doing a good job of mothering my sons.

Most parents of boys struggle with similar issues when it comes to getting their kids off all screens and doing something else. I am no different and after hearing Maggie speak, I had to honestly ask myself whether I allow my boys to watch too much TV, let them play too many violent games on the PS and whether I should’ve gotten them outside me. The answer was a resounding Yes.

So last Sunday I decided to test Maggie’s theory and made a brave decision. Some may even say stupid. I banned all screens for the day. Yep, you read correctly.

‘But what are we going to do?’ they wailed.

Oh no, I thought. It’s true. They’ve lost their imagination.

‘Make your own fun,’ I said, shooing them outside into the sunshine.

Five minutes later, Nathan popped his head in the door with large shovel in hand and asked, ‘Can we dig?’

Bearing in mind the triplets have already dug out my clothesline in the past, I reluctantly agreed. With four boys, my husband and I gave up ideas of having a pretty garden long ago. At one stage we did manage to have a lawn of sorts, but after a muddy winter of boys playing kick-to-kick, that was the end of that idea. A truckload of tan bark later, the problem was fixed. But not for long, so the backyard still resembles a cross between a cow paddock and a tip.

Within half an hour Nathan and Matthew were knee-deep in dirt. Within another half an hour – waist deep, and so it continued until they could stand up completely and I could not see their heads.

Luke was busily fetching and carrying bricks, scraps of wood and anything else he could get his grubby little hands on to add to the ‘trench’. James was ‘site manager’ and overseeing proceeding, offering advice as they went. Teamwork at it’s finest! See, they can occupy themselves away from screens if they try! I thought smugly to myself.

The end result was a fantastic concealed trench, complete with roof, army-style netting, a ‘shooting’ hole and finished off perfectly with branches sawn off a poor tree used as camouflage.

Before you say anything, I completely understand that not everyone wants a massive hole dug in their backyard. Or a two-story fort – we have one of those built by the kids too! But, then again, I believe in allowing boys to be boys and get dirty and do what boys like doing. In our case, it’s digging, playing war and making guns.

I think it’s about getting the balance right (obviously I need more practice!)

The boys were thrilled with their day’s work.

Me? I simply congratulated them on their day’s work and asked, ‘Now, who’s first on the Playstation?’

By Carolyn Angelin

Author of ADHD to the Power of Three: A mother’s story of raising triplets.

Published by Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Children's Book Launch!

“There was oink-ing and quacking and even a neigh,

as each bubble burst in its magical way”

Mother and daughter team Elisabeth and Sarah Hardy was inspired to write and illustrate this rhyming tale after reminiscing about Sarah’s son, who as a baby blew lots of bubbles.

Elisabeth Hardy:
I have many memories of Sarah’s first son as a baby, and the bubbles he blew,
so with my love of Owls, I coupled the two together, 
creating this children’s story of how a baby owl who blew magical bubbles
was able to bring harmony to his farmyard friends.

Local graphic designer and illustrator, Sarah, has used pastel pencil to accentuate the amazing colours and define her distinctive style.

The launch of Barnowlby Bubbles will be an exciting afternoon for all and there will be signed copies of Barnowlby Bubbles from the author and illustrator. There will also be a special time for telling the story.

Guest speaker at the launch is Lou Harvey-Zahra. She is a successful author of the parenting books: Turning Tears into Laughter: Creative Discipline for the Toddler and Preschool Years. Lou has been inspiring parents across the country and will be talking about her experiences in parenting and how children’s books are a hugely important aspect in the early years, as well as talking about aspects of her published works.

The book launch for Barnowlby Bubbles will be held on

Saturday 11th December, 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Eltham Multipurpose Room,

Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham (Victoria)
For more Information about the launch 

Or visit

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December/January subscription prize!!

This has to be my favourite subscription prize so far - I wish I could win it..

If you subscribe in December/January and enter this competition, you could be in the running to win the signed originals of Stephen Michael King's illustrations from the Summer 2010 issue of Barefoot...

All you need to do is subscribe for yourself, or resubscribe, or buy a gift subscription and then email us and tell us what creativity means to you... (in 25 words or less - which is actually really short. I might change this word limit for the next issue!)

Stephen Michael King is such a great illustrator - he has illustrated over fifty books and has written nine of his own. He has been nominated for heaps of book awards and has won the the CBCA award for best Junior Fiction Book.  To find out more about Stephen and his gorgeous work - head to

Don't miss out on the chance to win these beautiful illustrations...
Take care

Monday, November 29, 2010

Education Links..

In our Summer 2010 issue of Barefoot, we have a great article about radical unschooling.. These are a couple of YouTube videos about education which we found interesting..


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Stuck for Christmas ideas?

How about a gift subscription to Barefoot?

When you buy a gift subscription to Barefoot Magazine, we'll add a personal message for you on one of these lovely gift cards from Leaf Journals and Earth Greetings. What a perfect way to send a personalised message to someone you love - with a great present that keeps giving all year!!


Go ahead and subscribe - but don't forgot to send us an email with your message...
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We have our winners from our Spring issue!

Congratulations to Guiliana from West Preston for winning the Flix Ride on bike from Bambini Moda. She wrote to us and told us how much she enjoys collecting flowers with her kids, filling up jars and putting them all around her house at eye level, so she can be reminded of the beauty of Spring...
And a big congratulations and thank you to Sally Riddle from Waurn Ponds, VIC who sent us this gorgeous photo of her daughter.  This photo will also be printed in our Summer issue. Thanks so much Sally - you receive a $50 voucher to Nurture by Nature.

Thanks to everyone who entered both competition - make sure you keep posted - we have incredible prizes coming up in our Summer issue..
Take care

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking for something to do over New Years?

 Try the award-winning, ultra funky Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival!

In a gorgeous part of the NSW countryside only one hour north of Sydney, this festival is a three-day event designed to leave every sense tingling. Ten stages of music, visual and performing arts, open mic, children's and indigenous festivals, workshops, and environmental education and healing areas.

And it's all sustainable! 
  • The whole festival runs on power from renewable sources. 
  • It collects its grey water. 
  • There's a container deposit service (a $levy placed on every can or bottle purchased is refunded when container is returned for recycling). 
  • Waste management based on sustainable practices. 
  • Composting flushing toilets!
  • All campers are given waste-kits.
  • Food and market stalls are encouraged to be organic.
  • There's a bus service and cycler escort available to and from the fest
  • Eco Living Village
  • Vehicle levy that raises money to purchase carbon credits, and a local planting scheme
    photo by Brent Winstone

If you haven't already I invite you to go look at the website (which is beautiful itself) for a full program, and all the info you could want.

How odd. I had just finished reading my copy of the latest and always gorgeous Dumbo feather, pass it on. In it was an interview about this guy who had a dream about organising a sustainable event - a festival. Matt Grant - I'm very glad you followed your dream!

photo by Palwesha Yusaf

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moon Diary giveaway

We have 5 gorgeous 2011 Moon Diaries to giveaway!!
These diaries are 100% Australian made, produced using vegetable inks and 100% recycled paper - taking care of Mother Earth... Each diary contains information about the moon and her phases and transits - and they are beautifully illustrated too... So here's what you need to do...
Subscribe to Barefoot at or if you're already a subscriber, for a friend - then go to our Facebook page and say ' I'm a new subscriber!' and we'll send you out your diary with your first issue!!! Quick!! There are only five copies so get to it....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't Let Me Offend You

By Tiggy Johnson

I find it difficult to talk about some of my parenting decisions, particularly my stance regarding my children’s sugar intake. As a self-confessed sugar-Nazi, this is absurd because I know I’m doing a good thing, even though it isn’t always easy. Even so, it remains the one thing I feel most criticised for. Not that I’m strict on only how much sugar they eat.
    The other day my mother asked why I wasn’t buttering the bread for my eighteen month old before spreading it with a thin layer of homemade jam.
    It wasn’t an inquisitive or helpful Would you like the butter? but something accusatory as if I was depriving him of something vital, like oxygen.
    It went something like this.
    ‘Don’t you want butter?’
    ‘Why would I?’ I’ve never offered any of my three children butter.
    Mum shrugged, so I continued. ‘How many adults do you know who find it difficult to cut down on unhealthy foods they’ve been eating forever?’
    I knew immediately from her expression that she wouldn’t respond so, almost before it began, the conversation was over and I know why. Obviously, I could only have been referring to her, a grandmother who’d developed type 2 diabetes in her early-fifties and still, ten years later, sneaks in the odd naughty snack when no-one’s watching.
    In fact, she tries to sneak my kids a smorgasbord of sweet treats whether I’m watching or not, with one of two typical responses: That’s what grandparents are supposed to do or It won’t hurt.
    But it isn’t about whether the treat itself hurts. What will the kids think when they’re old enough to understand what diabetes means? Or wonder what Nana was thinking when she pushed McDonalds in front of them as she ate the sandwich she’d made for herself.
    I’ve tried to bring it up a few times, either with just Mum or among family and close friends. Nobody’s on my side. Sure, one of my sisters-in-law was horrified she once gave them lollies in the car; after dinner and their baths, teeth brushed, in pyjamas ready to fall asleep on the way. Generally though, they think I’m being uptight for not wanting the kids to have, say, the fifth or sixth treat within an afternoon or for insisting they have regular sugar-free days.
    Initially it bugged me that Mum overruled me and fed my kids junk regardless of what I said, but by the time my eldest (now seven) was five, the issue was that my family failed to support me and that they were undermining my authority.
    A few years ago, as a children’s party was winding down and most of the guests had gone, I brought it up again, hoping to enlist the understanding of my oldest friend.
    Instead, she suggested that if we were guests in her home, her family would offer them lollies.
    ‘I’d say no,’ I said.
    ‘It’s our custom,’ she replied. ‘Just one lolly.’
    ‘One lolly is one lolly. One lolly at your house today; chocolates, lollies, biscuits and sweet drinks at Nana’s tomorrow; a birthday party the next; and when they get to school, it might be the teachers with a reward or a classmate bringing chocolates to share for their birthday; they want to play at a friend’s house after school…’
    ‘Yeah,’ she said, nodding. ‘I see what you mean, but it’s our custom. A long-held tradition and if they don’t take it, we’re offended.’
    ‘Oh,’ I said, and later wish I’d added, ‘But it’s okay to offend me?’

Tiggy Johnson is a Melbourne writer and mother of three. Her short story collection Svetlana or Otherwise (Ginninderra Press) was released in 2008 and her poetry collection First taste in 2010. She is the editor of page seventeen and blogs at

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Invisible Cords - Stages of Separation

Laura Innes has written a lovely guest post for us, about her experiences with her girls, on separation and independence. Thanks Laura!

After the birthing of your child, whether it is cut or falls away naturally, the separation of the umbilical cord is an awakening.An awakening to the idea that you and your child are indeed two separate entities. After a pregnancy where you felt very much to be one being, two hearts beating within the same vessel.
While this is the more obvious and well known ‘cutting of the cord’, it has dawned upon me that there are ongoing, more subtle separations that help to ease us gently into the growing independence of our children. The creating of their own lives, separate from ours.

One of these moments came upon me when my first daughter, new to the world of school, tried to insist that I needn’t walk her up to her class anymore.
 It’s not that I wouldn’t feel safe letting her make her way to her classroom, there are only forty-one children in the whole school, and I find it to be a very safe little community. I just simply want to do it. To hold her hand as we make our way up together. As much for my benefit (or maybe more so), than for hers. While I’m not working, I have the opportunity to be there every day. I love being involved in what’s new in her world. Seeing her creations, meeting with her teacher, and putting a face to the so often mentioned names of her friends.
It’s a small way of comforting me that she is safe, accepted and comfortable in the environment where she spends so much of her time these days.
I’ve realised that her not needing my kiss goodbye anymore, though I still offer it every day, is not a sign of rejection. Rather it’s a sign of confidence. That my precious child feel s secure enough in her being  not be intimidated with the prospect of being away from my side.
I no longer force that morning kiss; just accept graciously when it is returned, and walk back to the car, to my day, knowing that my girl is okay without me.

Another of these subtle separations presented itself to me with the return of menstruation after my second daughter’s birth. Eleven months after her umbilical cord was cut, I recognized that familiar, yet almost forgotten warm trickle. I felt a little overwhelmed, not something I expected to happen. It was like a marking of the final chapter to my pregnancy and birthing era.
Although I still feed her frequently at my breast, my body has shifted in the recognition that my baby is less dependent on me, and is making way for the opportunity to nest and nurture a new spirit.

What an amazing gift to be a woman in this moment. To trust and amaze at the instinctive capabilities of my own body.
These moments are providing me with a reflection on the idea that our children, as much as they are a part of us, are also their own separate beings.

An opportunity to let go a little of the emotional strings of attachment, and allow these beautiful souls room to grow and develop.
At times I know I’ll have the natural urge to hold on tight.  I will try instead to take a step back and appreciate the resilience and confidence my children have developed. To feel proud that I have been a part of that, and to know they feel safe enough to venture out on their own, while trusting that I am here when they need me.

About me:
My name is Laura Innes; I live in the Yarra Valley and am a young mother of two spirited girls who inspire and amaze me every day.
I am passionate about instinctive parenting, gentle birth, breastfeeding, and trying to grow as a mother through all the trials and joy motherhood brings.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Book giveaway winner

Thanks to those of you who commented, and shared your favorite and influential books, read as a child. Anna and I have decided to give the lovely book of songs Mr Bandicoot and Other Tales to Sherryn. Sherryn reminded us just how the Narnia series evokes such imagination and whimsy. Wardrobes are still a favorite place of mine (not that I really fit in one anymore).Well done Sherryn! Email admin with your snail mail address and we'll send you out your prize.

Tablelands Folk Festival

Another festival for those of you who are up in North Queensland

It's on the 21st to 24th October, 2010

It's being held at Yungaburra, Atherton Tablelands,
North Queensland, Australia
For more information and tickets go to

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mullum Mullum Festival

Seems it's the festival season already!!!
If you're in Melbourne this weekend - the Mullum Mullum festival is on..

Have a look at the website for all the great activities that are on - walks, star gazing with astronomers, musical performances, gum leaf playing, story telling, boomerang throwing...
or email us for a program..

The GreenWay Festival - Cooks River, NSW

For those of you in NSW, this looks like a fun day out on Saturday 10th October, 2010, for the GreenWay Eco-Festival. The Festival is to celebrate a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists between Cooks River and Iron Cove, promoting this sustainable transport corridor.

The GreenWay Festival features a week-long program of activities ranging from bike tours and local history walks, to biodiversity workshops, bushcare working bees, an art exhibtion and art and drawing classes in the GreenWay.

The Inaugural GreenWay Festival runs from 10th - 17th October and details of workshops are in the Festival Program, and enrolment is available on the festival website

Influential Books of Our Childhood (and a great giveaway)

Are there books in your childhood that have influenced you? I’m not necessarily talking of your favorite books, but those that had an impact on you.
As my favorite books come to mind I am writing them down to get them out of my head – so I can ponder some of the influential ones. Oh, here they come (everyone likes writing a list of these!):

Fav books:
Richard Scarry Best Storybook Ever
Richard Scarry Best Storybook Dictionary
Anything by Enid Blyton
Grimms Fairy Tales
Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
Ant and Bee

Little Black Sambo
I Can Lick Thirty Tigers Today (and other stories)and many other Dr Suess

Influential Books
The Bible
How We are Made
What’s Happening to Me
Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Horton Hatches the Egg
Aesop’s Fables

I ponder the list I’ve written. How moralistic are the stories in the books that have influenced me! Why had these books/stories within, have such an influence? Why am I feeling a little nauseous as I think of them? I remember What’s Happening to Me filled me with dread – I didn’t want pointy boobs like that! And I certainly didn’t want to see my brother standing on the diving board at the pool, with an erection. I gave Jaws to my Dad for Christmas one year, only to steal it back and read it myself. I now have a morbid fear of deep water shadows. Karma.

Anyway I shall leave this with you – have a think about the books that have influenced you. Write a comment about them. Barefoot will give away a copy of the gorgeous book and cd set Mr Bandicoot and Other Tales to our favourite comment on this blog post. It’s a collection of unique Australian nursery rhymes by Anne Lawson (sung by Kate Rowe). We’ll contact one of you lovely readers (yes you have to comment to be in it!) and send it out.

Read Anna’s review below

Mr Bandicoot & Other Tales is a lovely collection of rhymes that has simple, but engaging pictures matched with a CD of accompanying songs. My 4 year old daughter has loved listening and reading/watching along, commenting on the pictures as she does so! I especially love that this collection of rhymes originates from a mumma who made them up for her children, and that her children loved them and remembered them years later – encouraging her to publish them for other children to enjoy. I think this book/CD collection is a great antidote to the populist children CDs that are on the market at the moment. Available from leading book stores or at the website

So come on readers, tell us about the most influential books you recall from your childhood. Anna and Jenny will argue over decide the best comments and winner will be chosen next Monday (October 11).

Jenny and Anna

Barefoot Event - Love, Sex and Communication

Hello lovely Barefoot followers
We have another event coming up - it's about love, sex and communication.
All the details are on our homepage but in short...
We have Bettina Arndt and Martien Snellen as our speakers for this event. It's on December 1, 2010 at 7pm at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre, 801 Main Road (opposite the pub), Eltham.
Our last two events sold out - so don't miss out on tickets this time. 
Only $15 or $10 concesssion.
They are available through Paypal on the side panel of our blog, or email us if you'd prefer to pay by direct deposit.
See you there.
The Barefoot Team

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Sunday Marked The End Of Child Protection Week

By Jenny Chapman

I didn’t even know it. Did you? Thank you to the Twitter people who brought this to my attention, particularly @carolduncan .
Child abuse is something, unfortunately, that happens daily, hourly, in every corner of the globe. I am not just talking of physical violence, or even sexual abuse, but of psychologically and emotionally violating our children.
I am not talking about protecting our children from learning hard lessons in life. I am not talking about ‘cottonwoolling’ them. I am certainly not talking about letting them grow into inappropriate behaviours. I am talking about respect and care for these little human beings. I am talking about being responsible for the way our children are treated in this world—a world that at the moment, we are custodians of. The world where someday, our children will take the reins and steer this planet into the way of being that they themselves have been taught. By us.
Right now, I want to talk about spanking.
In some cultures and countries, even so called advanced, western countries, ‘spanking’ is not seen as child abuse, but of a firm but loving form of behaviour modification. There are some articles on the web that I find abhorrent, advocating boundary control with spanking, in the most ‘loving’ and concerned language. Here is one such article . Some things said there just left me speechless.
I grew up in a household where there was moderate spanking, and grew up believing that spanking was required to ensure boundaries of behaviour. In fact, I was taught by a famous American Christian author that (and 25 yrs since reading it I STILL remember this) one must break a child's spirit by the time they were three, in order to control his/her behaviour in the future. And that spanking was the best method to do this. Thankfully I wasn’t a parent at the time I believed in this.

Here in Australia spanking/hitting/corporal punishment is illegal. And I am glad. It is an act of violence toward another person. By this I mean for a child, it violates their personal space;  it violates them physically, emotionally and psychologically. How can it not? It is a shock to the system in every way, and why would we willing want to do this to our children who are absolutely dependent on us? To overpower a child is hardly difficult. To do so physically through the medium of spanking is hardly difficult. It is an 'easy' form of control—but is it right? I don't think so. We come from a culture where spanking has in the past, been a traditional form of control. We live in a culture that believes it has to disempower others in every invasive way possible in order to achieve our goals. So it can be difficult to think outside this square. But hang on—this is almost an insult—we are intelligent beings. If we can’t think of suitable working alternatives we have a big problem.

Nowadays we do know and are far more aware of our parenting practices. There are alternatives to 'spanking' and we as individuals can choose these alternatives. Our children are so trusting to us with their lives, their little bodies. I want us to honour that trust by respecting them in any way that we possibly can. Physically overpowering them, except when safety is an issue, is not an option.

Conscious parenting for me is not about perfect parenting (thank goodness) but about trying to think through the consequences of my parenting choices, preferably before I make them (being the nature of being ‘conscious’). What am I teaching/modelling for my child? What am I really doing to my child?

If you are interested in a great article against spanking, I do suggest you take a look at The Natural Child Project . It has an impressive list of resources at the end.
For  a heartfelt, informed blog highlighting child protection issues here in Australia, I direct you to Rants of a Redundant Mother
For further information regarding Child Abuse in Australia, or to get involved with campaigns, have a look at NAPCAN.  There is local contact info on this site for those who need help.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

On Feeling Welcome

By Jenny Chapman

Be welcome.

What is it that makes us feel welcome? Does it come from the way others treat us, or from our own sense of self acceptance? I think it comes from both. We need a level of self-acceptance to sit comfortably with the acceptance of others.

Last year my world crashed around me as I dove into a black pool of depression and self-rejection. I isolated and gave up on myself, my work, my friends and my lover. Every day, and this was the worst because I could see myself doing it, I rejected my son and his needs. I spent days in bed and did not want my son around. Not because I didn’t love him, but because I felt I had nothing to give him, and to be awfully honest, I preferred most times to have my head in a book. I palmed him off to friends, family and his father, much more than was necessary. But being a single mum, he was around—and had to wear whatever I dumped on him. He was not welcome, and though I tried to mask it, in his own four year old way he knew it. The memory of it horrifies me.

Slowly his behaviour changed as his sense of being welcome and accepted diminished. Nothing changed about his needs, but his sense of freedom to come and go in my presence obviously started fading. He became more wary; not knowing if or when he would be pushed away. He became clingy. He changed to being more ‘contrary’ and behaving from a base of frustration and uncertainty rather than contentment. He changed to inappropriate attention-seeking behaviours. (And I wallowed in exhaustion, sadness and guilt.)

Thankfully I have been learning ways of coping that suit our little family. First and foremost was to heal the fractures of the bond between my son and I. I am so thankful for the resilience that is in a child. I’ll share another time, how I have discussed depression with him. We enjoy a wonderful intimate relationship again now.

Through my experience I learned that one of the most important things we can do for our children’s self esteem is make sure they know they are 'welcome' in our home, our workplace...our personal space. It MATTERS. Our facial expressions and body language, MATTER. That their company is welcome, MATTERS. And, knowing that we want to be in their company, MATTERS. It’s not always easy, I am the first to admit.

Welcome=acceptance=self acceptance. I think it's the foundation of our 'social needs' as human beings. I think that this early sense of feeling ‘welcome’ as a child, becomes the foundation of our own self-acceptance, and avoids that gnawing, insatiable ‘need’ that many of us experience, leading us to make all sorts of choices and behaviours that invariably leave us, still wanting, in fragmented relationships and communities.

Be welcome. A magical element of being alive and part of an amazing world.

Be welcome to our Barefoot community, where our passion for parenting, community and our earth mingle together in words, provoking thought and discussion.

Be welcome, to read each others' stories of life, love, loss, and laughter.

Be welcome. Welcome to read, share, comment (please do!)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarah's Seasonal Table

So by now our subscribers should be receiving their Spring 2010 issue - and we promised photos of the beautiful recipes that Sarah gave us in her Seasonal Table pages...
So here they are...

The sweet ricotta hotcakes - with honey yoghurt and mixed berries

The savoury ricotta hotcake - with fresh zucchini and roasted tomatoes
The savoury tart - delicious!!

Some other tart flavours that may inspire you are:

* mushroom and goats cheese

* pea, pancetta and parmesan

* pumpkin, ricotta and olive

* roast tomato and basil

* leek, goats cheese and thyme

* leek and smoked trout

Thanks again to Sarah for her delicious recipes.
Let us know if you try them out and what you think...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Event

Our Boys event is now SOLD OUT - sorry to those of you who have missed out on tickets..
If you've booked tickets and haven't paid for them yet, email us and we'll send you our direct deposit details..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Barefoot in honour of Iris

Rachel was on Life Matters this morning on ABC Radio National - and she was wonderful..
Listen to her interview here...

We miss you Iris  oxoxo

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life Matters...

Our lovely Rachel is going to be on the radio again - this time on Radio National on Life Matters!
When:   Monday 16th August at 9.45am
621AM in Melbourne, otherwise look it up your local frequency on the ABC website..
Put it in your diaries...

Monday, August 2, 2010


So we have some winners!!

Naina from Greensborough, VIC won our 2 night getaway to Huon Bush Retreats. Lucky, lucky thing...
Her entry was "I've learnt that you never stop learning, your kids are the most important teachers on this journey, no matter how small they are - they point the way!"
Too true Naina - you can thank your kids for a weekend getaway too now...
Have fun. You deserve it!

Our other lucky winner is Brooke Patel from VIC as well - Her beautiful photo won her a $50 voucher to the Fairy Ring. Her winning photo will be featured in our Spring issue of Barefoot and we've included it here too..

Thanks to everybody who submitted their beautiful photos and entered our subscription competition - we love feeling connected to you all out there..
Take care

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some cool stuff happening around town...

Firstly - sorry. Sorry about the lack of love on our blog lately. Sorry we haven't posted anything for a really long time - but our long term plan is to start posting articles, pictures, great photos, links  - all the things that blogs are really great for - so while we don't want you to hold your breath, start getting excited about the prospect of a new, fuller Barefoot blog...

So I have a few things I'd like to share with you - that we at Barefoot think are worth mentioning...

WWMN is proud to announce the launch of its 9th radio show

Primary Perspectives -eco-radio created for kids by kids!
Tues 27 July 4-5pm
on Melbourne’s premier sustainability station 94.1fm 3WBC
and worldwide via live streaming
Tune in and send our young team a word of encouragement via text on 04 4800 9800

Here at Barefoot, we don't like to post advertising for advertising's sake - but thought what Nature Babycare is doing is worth a plug - we are all about community here and love the idea that this is being promoted below:
'Nature Babycare, the range of natural and biodegradable baby products, are creating a unique community of parents from all over the world. Rather than investing in expensive advertising campaigns, they have made a conscious decision to invest in improving their products, and instead rely on word of mouth marketing via their recently revamped Nature Babycare “Ambassador Program”. Australian parents are invited to join the international Nature Babycare community on' and be part of this company improving their products..'
Take care out there...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New look Blog!

So I've tried to jazz up the blog a bit - mainly so I could add the event payment button on the side panel - and I got a bit carried away...
Hope you're all well out there in cyber land.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Turning Tears into Laughter - website correction

Please note that in our book reviews in the Winter 2010 issue, the web address for Turning Tears into Laughter by Lou Harvey-Zahra should read
Sorry for any confusion!
Take care
Anna xo

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sarah's Seasonal Table - Winter 2010

In our Winter 2010 issue, we have new recipe pages, created by Sarah Foletta (a well known chef in the Melbourne cafe scene). This issue she has shared her warming mushroom risotto, hot chocolate pudding and poached pears recipes... I was lucky enough to be the professional taster, so thought I would share some of the photos of these delicious dishes.. They are soooo good...

This is the preparation for the mushroom risotto - I just love the look of everything in the stripy bowls - I'm never this organised... perhaps I should be...

This is the gorgeous mushroom risotto!

This is what the chocolate pudding looks like before you pour the water over it...

Pouring the water....

Hot out of the oven...

This is how you cook the pears... covered with some plates..

Yum! Chocolate pudding with poached pears and ice-cream. You will not be left disappointed!
Thanks Sarah for these beautiful recipes.
Let us know if you try them out - and what you thought!
Take care

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative

Thought some of our readers/supporters who have bubs still in nappies would be interested in this initiative - It starts tomorrow..

My Green presents:

The 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative: It’s a Giveaway Event!

Winter 2010 - June 1 - July 15

Save $$, Eco-Friendly, Popular!

Modern nappies are shaped, fitted and easy to use. They are thrown in the wash, rather than the bin.

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a modern cloth nappy for your baby to wear.

What better way to try out a modern cloth nappy than to WIN one?

Register to play at My Green for a chance to WIN one of these special ‘Cloth Ambassador’ nappies!

Our facebook Page is:

Take care

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our boys - where are they heading?

After our wildly successful event earlier in the year about Our girls, Our bodies, Ourselves - we've decided it's time we did another... This time we're focusing on our boys -

Our boys - where are they heading???

How can parents, teachers and the wider community support boys and young men through childhood and adolescence as they grapple with issues of technology, bullying, relationships, violence and drugs.  How can we help them to grow into confident, happy and balanced men?


Maggie Hamilton - Writer, teacher and publisher, Maggie gives regular talks, lectures and workshops throughout Australia; writes for magazines; is a keen observer of social trends; has a passion for the art of living meaningfully, and is a regular media commentator. In her newly completed book What’s Happening to Our Boys? Maggie puts the lives of our boys under the microscope, uncovering the issues they struggle with, and how best they can be supported.

Andrew Fuller - As a clinical psychologist, Andrew works with many schools and communities in Australia and internationally, specialising in the wellbeing of young people and their families. He is the author of a number of books including: Tricky Kids, Guerrilla tactics for teachers, Raising real people, From surviving to thriving and Beating bullies. Andrew has established programs for the promotion of mental health in schools, substance abuse prevention, and the reduction of violence and bullying, suicide prevention programs and for assisting homeless young people.

Wednesday Sept 1st, 7pm (doors open) for a prompt 7.30pm start

Eltham Community and Reception Centre

Cost $15 ($10 conc) Paid prior to event (See Paypal button below)

RSVP by 25th August by emailing

Other enquiries please call 0400 683 430

Don't worry - if you'd like to buy more than one ticket, you will be given this option in the next screen..


Hope to see you there (and if you live interstate, we'll be podcasting this one as soon as humanly possible after the event)
Take care

Monday, May 17, 2010

Winter is coming!

As I sit at my computer, with beanie, fingerless gloves, scarf and a multitude of layers of clothes - it seems fitting that our Winter 2010 issue has gone to the printer this morning...
This issue is an exciting one for us, as our growing mag is going into newsagencies Australia wide. It feels like our baby is taking it's first big steps in the world (well Australia anyway) - so now it should be easier for people to find us, stumble across us, discover us and more importantly enjoy us!
So if you have a friend in a town somewhere in Australia, and you think they might enjoy Barefoot, tell them to head down to their newsagency and ask for Barefoot... Spread the word...
For all of you who subscribe, you can look forward to your Winter issue arriving next week - we'll be sending them out Tuesday. If you like waiting to buy your copy individually, you'll have to wait till the following week...
Stay warm and take care

Monday, May 10, 2010

Radio stars!!

Exciting news on the media front!
Rachel is being interviewed by Richard Stubbs on 774 ABC Melbourne on Wednesday 12th May (next Wednesday) at 1.30pm.!!
So if you're home, or in the car, or have the ability to listen - please do! You can even listen live through the computer if you don't have a radio..
Otherwise, we will put the podcast up as soon as it is available.
Happy listening!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Congratulations to Pat from Northcote who won our subscriber prize for March/April!!
Pat has won a night away in Daylesford at 'Dja William', staying in a luxury tipi...
Lucky thing..
check our if you'd like to see it for yourself..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Barefoot Event - Our girls, our bodies, ourselves

So it's here!
Our podcast of our event that we held at the end of February is now available to listen to at home. Enjoy...

Let us know what you think..

Take care
The Barefoot Team

Why go barefoot?

A friend of mine just sent me this great link to a blog - which goes into why being barefoot is so important... so I had to share it with you all..

It's well worth the visit..
Here's to being barefoot!

much love

Monday, March 15, 2010

March/April Subscription Draw

If you subscribe during March/April, you go in the draw to win a night away!!

Our friends at Dja William have kindly donated a night away in their tipi's - in Daylesford, Victoria. Breakfast included and a wonderful opportunity to get away for the night with your partner, friend or by yourself!!

Have a look at the website for more photos and subscribe!!

If you're already a subscriber, get a gift subscription for a friend and make sure you let us know that you would like to be entered into the draw yourself!!!

Take care

Anna xo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

International Women's Day

Another great event is coming up in March in Eltham -
Each year the Nillumbik Women's Network and the Nillumbik Shire Council launch their 'Celebrating Nillumbik Women'.
Monday 15th March 2010
12 - 3pm
at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre
801 Main Road, Eltham 3095
Light lunch provided
RSVP by 8th March
Bookings by phone 9433 3161

Book Launch

Apologies for all the Melbourne based events (to those of you who aren't in Melbourne!) but coming up soon is a launch for a great book written by local woman Lou Harvey-Zahra.

See details and visit for bookings or more information...

Friday 26th March, 2010 at 7pm
Eltham Library Multi-purpose Hall, Panther Place, Eltham
Nibbles & drinks, accompanied by beautiful string sounds..
Special guest speaker is John Allison.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Barefoot Reader Survey


We here at Barefoot, want to know what you want from Barefoot, so we have created an online survey! It should take 5-10 minutes and if you choose, you can go in the draw to win a 12 month subscription for a friend (or yourself!)

Participate in online survey

Thanks in advance..

Take care


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Media stars...

So we have some radio and TV appearances coming over the next week - so if you want to hear (and see) what we have to say, here's where you'll find us...

Charlotte will be on Channel 31 twice..
Eastern Newsbeat will be aired on Monday 15th February at 9am and Thursday 18th February 11.30am.


Rachel is being interviewed this Friday 12th February on local Melbourne radio station - Plenty Valley Radio (88.6FM) 2.20pm.

So listen to us, watch us, support us!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slow Fashion Show

For all our Melbourne readers, we are sponsoring this event at Fed Square during the Sustainable Living Festival on 20th February at 6.30pm... Looks like it's going to be fun, so head in if you get a chance..

A bit more about it...


Slow Fashion is a new movement in sustainable style.

Slow Fashion is made and acquired in ways that respect other people and the environment for the whole life-cycle. It is about quality, not quantity. Promoting creativity in the production and use of materials that minimise environmental impact. Slow Fashion encourages timeless individual self expression and style, over trend.

The event will showcase fair trade, vintage, handmade and environmentally sustainable new fashion and include individuals who demonstrate their unique style without costing the earth.

For more details visit

Full Festival program available at

The Sustainable Living Festival is a free community event.

If you're in the city and at the SLF over the weekend of 20/21st February, make sure you say hello to the lovely people at Print Together and pick up some of our sustainable postcards to send to all friends - spread the word about barefoot!!

Take care


Monday, February 1, 2010

Subscription Prize Winner

We have a winner!!
Congratulations to Lisa from Hunters Hill, NSW who won our Breeze Baby sling from Babes in Arms (
Thanks to everyone who subscribed in December/January..
Take care

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Facebook friends!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are on Facebook now - so if you are on there too and want to become a fan of Barefoot, you can!!
We are going to try and use Facebook as a way of updating everyone of news and interesting events that might be happening... so keep in the loop and become a fan... and search for Barefoot Magazine...

Barefoot Event

Barefoot is hosting an event on Wednesday 24th February at 7.30pm
We'd love you to come!

“Our girls, Our bodies, Ourselves”

Speakers: Melinda Tankard Reist (author and social commentator), Julie Gale (writer, performer and founder of Kids Free 2B Kids) and Jane Hardwicke Collings (independent midwife and workshop facilitator)

This is an event about girls, women and our bodies. It’s also about popular culture, sexualisation, social pressures and negative messages, self worth, true value, action and rites of passage. The evening will include listening, spirited discussion and maybe a laugh or two too…

$15/$10 concession, includes a light supper.

Please note: the content of this evening is aimed at adults. Babes in arms welcome.

RSVP by 18th Feb to Charlotte Young 0417 509 756/9722 2525 or

Places are filling up quickly..

Venue: Eltham Community and Reception Centre, 801 Main Rd, Eltham Victoria 3095 Melways 21 J5

For more information and to receive the flyer, email

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hamper Winner!!

Thanks to everyone who subscribed before Christmas. We had a great response to our Christmas Hamper draw and our winner was Rosemary from Main Beach in QLD!
If you're reading this Rosemary, give us a call! I can't get a hold of you!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.
Take care