Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking for something to do over New Years?

 Try the award-winning, ultra funky Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival!

In a gorgeous part of the NSW countryside only one hour north of Sydney, this festival is a three-day event designed to leave every sense tingling. Ten stages of music, visual and performing arts, open mic, children's and indigenous festivals, workshops, and environmental education and healing areas.

And it's all sustainable! 
  • The whole festival runs on power from renewable sources. 
  • It collects its grey water. 
  • There's a container deposit service (a $levy placed on every can or bottle purchased is refunded when container is returned for recycling). 
  • Waste management based on sustainable practices. 
  • Composting flushing toilets!
  • All campers are given waste-kits.
  • Food and market stalls are encouraged to be organic.
  • There's a bus service and cycler escort available to and from the fest
  • Eco Living Village
  • Vehicle levy that raises money to purchase carbon credits, and a local planting scheme
    photo by Brent Winstone

If you haven't already I invite you to go look at the website (which is beautiful itself) for a full program, and all the info you could want.

How odd. I had just finished reading my copy of the latest and always gorgeous Dumbo feather, pass it on. In it was an interview about this guy who had a dream about organising a sustainable event - a festival. Matt Grant - I'm very glad you followed your dream!

photo by Palwesha Yusaf

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