Monday, August 2, 2010


So we have some winners!!

Naina from Greensborough, VIC won our 2 night getaway to Huon Bush Retreats. Lucky, lucky thing...
Her entry was "I've learnt that you never stop learning, your kids are the most important teachers on this journey, no matter how small they are - they point the way!"
Too true Naina - you can thank your kids for a weekend getaway too now...
Have fun. You deserve it!

Our other lucky winner is Brooke Patel from VIC as well - Her beautiful photo won her a $50 voucher to the Fairy Ring. Her winning photo will be featured in our Spring issue of Barefoot and we've included it here too..

Thanks to everybody who submitted their beautiful photos and entered our subscription competition - we love feeling connected to you all out there..
Take care

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