Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slow Fashion Show

For all our Melbourne readers, we are sponsoring this event at Fed Square during the Sustainable Living Festival on 20th February at 6.30pm... Looks like it's going to be fun, so head in if you get a chance..

A bit more about it...


Slow Fashion is a new movement in sustainable style.

Slow Fashion is made and acquired in ways that respect other people and the environment for the whole life-cycle. It is about quality, not quantity. Promoting creativity in the production and use of materials that minimise environmental impact. Slow Fashion encourages timeless individual self expression and style, over trend.

The event will showcase fair trade, vintage, handmade and environmentally sustainable new fashion and include individuals who demonstrate their unique style without costing the earth.

For more details visit

Full Festival program available at

The Sustainable Living Festival is a free community event.

If you're in the city and at the SLF over the weekend of 20/21st February, make sure you say hello to the lovely people at Print Together and pick up some of our sustainable postcards to send to all friends - spread the word about barefoot!!

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