Monday, July 26, 2010

Some cool stuff happening around town...

Firstly - sorry. Sorry about the lack of love on our blog lately. Sorry we haven't posted anything for a really long time - but our long term plan is to start posting articles, pictures, great photos, links  - all the things that blogs are really great for - so while we don't want you to hold your breath, start getting excited about the prospect of a new, fuller Barefoot blog...

So I have a few things I'd like to share with you - that we at Barefoot think are worth mentioning...

WWMN is proud to announce the launch of its 9th radio show

Primary Perspectives -eco-radio created for kids by kids!
Tues 27 July 4-5pm
on Melbourne’s premier sustainability station 94.1fm 3WBC
and worldwide via live streaming
Tune in and send our young team a word of encouragement via text on 04 4800 9800

Here at Barefoot, we don't like to post advertising for advertising's sake - but thought what Nature Babycare is doing is worth a plug - we are all about community here and love the idea that this is being promoted below:
'Nature Babycare, the range of natural and biodegradable baby products, are creating a unique community of parents from all over the world. Rather than investing in expensive advertising campaigns, they have made a conscious decision to invest in improving their products, and instead rely on word of mouth marketing via their recently revamped Nature Babycare “Ambassador Program”. Australian parents are invited to join the international Nature Babycare community on' and be part of this company improving their products..'
Take care out there...

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