Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moon Diary giveaway

We have 5 gorgeous 2011 Moon Diaries to giveaway!!
These diaries are 100% Australian made, produced using vegetable inks and 100% recycled paper - taking care of Mother Earth... Each diary contains information about the moon and her phases and transits - and they are beautifully illustrated too... So here's what you need to do...
Subscribe to Barefoot at or if you're already a subscriber, for a friend - then go to our Facebook page and say ' I'm a new subscriber!' and we'll send you out your diary with your first issue!!! Quick!! There are only five copies so get to it....


  1. What a great offer, I normally buy my barefoot copies from Boarders, but I've just subscribed. -Love barefoot and Moon diary.
    Your subscription didnt ask me for any details (aside from my paypal account) does it pick up my address etc automatically?


  2. oooh, somethings wrong with facebook, i can't post on your wall :( will you still count me?


  3. Bianca, I'll ask Anna.

    Everyone else - gosh, those moon diaries are popular! The give-away is all given away. Thanks lovelies!

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