Monday, May 31, 2010

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative

Thought some of our readers/supporters who have bubs still in nappies would be interested in this initiative - It starts tomorrow..

My Green presents:

The 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative: It’s a Giveaway Event!

Winter 2010 - June 1 - July 15

Save $$, Eco-Friendly, Popular!

Modern nappies are shaped, fitted and easy to use. They are thrown in the wash, rather than the bin.

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a modern cloth nappy for your baby to wear.

What better way to try out a modern cloth nappy than to WIN one?

Register to play at My Green for a chance to WIN one of these special ‘Cloth Ambassador’ nappies!

Our facebook Page is:

Take care

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