Thursday, November 3, 2011

Losing Iris

To our beautiful readers and followers
Some of you may not know of Iris' story - Rachel's daughter who died four years ago.
Rachel wrote a piece of writing for Meanjin which has been published online too - We'd like to share it with you.
It's a profoundly moving story - and one that brings me to tears everytime I read it - but it's at the very core of Barefoot and why we have done what we have for the past three years - Iris' short life was a catalyst to create something to share with you all, to value our children passionately and live consciously and with love.

We love you Iris - and miss you so much.

The Barefoot Team


  1. Thank you for sharing. When you read such an honest, emotional and insightful story like Rachel's, it is so hard to leave a comment, esp. as a stranger, to know what to say... yet I don't like to say nothing, to just read and move on like I'd been reading any old personal story. Stories, accounts, experiences like yours, though, are stored in my mind, and they make me appreciate my blessings more, and understand more about the world, about life and death. Thank you. I am so sorry that your little girl died. Good luck to your family, and congratulations, on having another bubba soon!

  2. Thank you. This scares me as a first time mum - it is something we all think about and try to ignore so we can carry on without anxiety. It was a reminder not to take this time and these beautiful little people for granted. I wish you all the love and peace I can

  3. I am sitting hear crying and crying, and my heat just breaks reading about sweet Iris. Thank you for sharing her story. Am going to hug my darling girl a little tighter tonight x

  4. I read your words with tears running down my face,completely overcome with emotion for you and your family,when my own 3 year old daughter came over to me and said 'its ok mummy",all i could do was pick her up and give her a hug.Thankyou for you sharing your very sad and private story,it definetly makes you want to appreciate everyday with your loved ones.I wish you and your family love and peace xxx eco goddess

  5. To speak here, rather than not seems to be the only choice in acknowledging Iris and her very great impact in the world. I think now of the little life I never knew coming through so keenly and with such beauty in her mothers words. I look at her picture and smile at the days she obviously so fully lived. I wish that you were with your family in real time Iris as well as living in their hearts and souls. I cannot fathom anything more profoundly affecting and am so very sorry for her sad and unfair passing. I am so grateful you have shared such grief and told it the way that it was and is now. Treasured words of a little girl so clearly ever resonating in so many lives. Thank you.

  6. I was deeply moved by your courage and honesty in sharing your experience of losing your beautiful Iris. My gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart.

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