Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Barefoot in honour of Iris

Rachel was on Life Matters this morning on ABC Radio National - and she was wonderful..
Listen to her interview here...

We miss you Iris  oxoxo


  1. The link to Natural Parenting Melbourne was not mentioned in the ABC broadcast. 'Barefoot' emerged not only from friendship and grief, but also from an existing supportive network that actually became quite challenged. While the efforts of the current editors, who were all involved in NPM, to buy the NPM's magazine 'Nurture' failed, that event did eventually lead to 'Barefoot' being established instead.
    Particularly sad is that 'Nurture' only lasted three more issues given rising costs and low input from the remaining membership. So maybe the 'Barefoot' people were right. People loved the magazine but couldn't sustain it.
    Problems with sustaining parenting magazines in Australia are not unusual though. An un-related publication, 'Kindred' (that was really good) also failed, sadly.

  2. I am so proud that Natural Parenting Melbourne could be part of joining you wonderful women together to embark on producing Barefoot. Rachel tells me the circulation of Barefoot is 8000 - well done!

    Got the latest issue in the mail today and already my partner has snaffled it away to read - so unfair!

    Fiona Young
    Natural Parenting Melbourne Coordinator

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