Monday, August 24, 2009

Spring is in the air...

So the big news on the Barefoot front is that Spring is ready to go!

Received this afternoon, lovingly put into envelopes (although we had a dud batch of envelopes that wouldn't seal very well which created some serious frustration!) and tomorrow I'm going to juggle two kids and a great deal of boxes and get to the Post Office. So...Melbournites will get their copy mid week and all our other lovely subscribers should get their copies later in the week or early next week..

If you haven't subscribed, then you're going to have to wait till the end of next week, which is when Spring will be in stores. Yet another benefit of subscribing..what are you waiting for?

I really want to add another image down here but am such a novice at this blog thing - I'm going to have to put up a different post...


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