Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So our new website is up!! No more broken or non existent links! So hopefully all of you who tried to have a look on our blog, can now find it! Say hello to us! Introduce yourself!
We are all madly getting ready to send our Spring issue to the printers and it is going to be such an amazing issue - about families and friendships, the earth, birth and death and so much more. It will such a full, exciting read for you all - sometimes I wish I was a subscriber so that I could just pick it up fresh and read it cover to cover all over again! (Perhaps I'll do that...)
Anyway - still waiting for one of you to take the initiative and write on our blog - isn't that what people do on these things??
Hope you're all well where-ever you are.
Take care


  1. the Spring issue sounds great, very much my cup of tea! I'm sol y luna, a massage therapist and freelance writer based in Melbourne. Maybe you could publish some excerpts from the latest issue? brightest blessings.

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