Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Changes to Barefoot

To our Barefoot friends and families,

As you know, Barefoot has always been a labour of love, dedication, time and energy. Throughout the last three years, we at Barefoot have maintained our unwavering environmental stance and endeavoured to maintain our standards for the magazine around treading gently and parenting passionately. In keeping with this philosophy, we have made a decision to make Summer 2011 our last issue of Barefoot in order that we may tread gently and parent passionately in the lives of our own families.

We know that this will disappoint many of our loyal readers, subscribers and supporters, but we hope you will understand our desire to prioritise our own families.

If you're wondering about subscriptions, here's how it will work:

If you subscribe during Winter 2011, you'll receive three new issues and your choice of a back issue.
If you subscribe during Spring 2011, you'll receive two new issues and two back issues.
If you subscribe during Summer 2011, you'll receive our last issue and three back issues.

If you've recently subscribed, please email us and let us know which back issue you would like to complete your subscription. We will rely on you to contact us, as we don't have the time to chase all of you up for your preference. If we don't hear from you, we will choose a favourite for you to be included with our last issue.
If you're a distributor, everything will remain the same until our final issue in Summer 2011.

For more updates on what we might do next, please watch our blog and Facebook.
Our regular events will also continue to run so watch this space for more information.

Anna, Rachel and Charlotte

P.S. If Barefoot has ignited a fire in your heart and you’d like to talk to us about taking it on, please email us at


  1. Sorry to hear Barefoot will come to its end. Thanks 4 all the inspiring posts. Wish you all the best.

  2. I will miss reading Barefoot, it has always been such an inspiration to me. Wishing you all the best for the future!

  3. I will really miss Barefoot. Thank you for gently holding my hand through my first year of motherhood.

  4. oh NO!!!!!!! This is so sad, never has a publication spoken to my heart so much. Is there no way we can save it??? I would be happy to donate my subscription ( that I only just renewed) to a fighting fund to keep her afloat)

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