Sunday, February 20, 2011

Equality Rights Alliance is celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day with Sharing Young Women’s Stories, a campaign to fight negative Body Image and we need YOU 

Equality Rights Alliance is Australia's largest network of organisations advocating for women's equality, and they're running a body image campaign.
They (and we!) want to see more positive body images showing the beauty of real, natural women. They're calling on Minister for Youth, Peter Garrett, to promote 100 fashion industry businesses who sign up to the Voluntary Code of Conduct on Body Image. Guides Australia released a report yesterday showing that 63% of girls aged 10-14, and 75% of older girls, believe that the media thinks the most important aspect of being a girl is to look 'pretty and thin'. They want to show girls that they are valued for more important things than their ability to conform to an unrealistic and unhealthy media stereotype.

Click here to read more about this very important project.

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