Monday, January 31, 2011

Australian Parenting Conference 2011

AUSTRALIAN PARENTING CONFERENCE is proud to offer Barefoot Subscribers a 10% discount!

We invite you to register for the upcoming Australian Parenting Conference being held at the Parkside Auditorium, Darling Harbour, Sydney on the 24 and 25 February 2011.

 Full details, programme, and registration details are available here.

The topics for this event include
  • parenting interactions within a book reading context,
  • positive parenting,
  • discipline,
  • adolescence, 
  • attachment,
  • abuse,
  • parenting in divorce and separation,
  • parenting children with autistic disorders, 
  • mindful parenting
  •  and more...

All subscribers to Barefoot Magazine are to receive a 10% discount please indicate this when registering.

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